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Alexei Leonov, space artist and pioneer, dies at 85

11 Oct 2019, 18:35 UTC
Alexei Leonov, space artist and pioneer, dies at 85
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The first person to create art in space, the first person to perform a spacewalk and leave the confined safety of a spacecraft in orbit, the Commander of the first international mission in space history, and the last surviving cosmonaut of the Voskhod era has died at the age of 85.
Alexei Leonov was a pioneer in multiple ways for space exploration, debuting practices and relationships vital to humanity’s continued presence and work in space today aboard the International Space Station.
But he was much more than simply a cosmonaut.
Alexei Leonov – much more than just a cosmonaut:
A veteran of two flagship space missions, Leonov is certainly best remembered for his contributions to space exploration.
But he was much more than a cosmonaut.
Born in Listvyanka, West Siberian Krai, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union in 1934, Leonov lost his father two years later during Stalin’s infamous purges of those who, according to Leonov in his autobiography, “showed too much independence or strength of character.”
Nineteen years later, Leonov would go on to graduate from the Chuguev military pilots’ academy.

“Sunrise” – the first #spaceart created on orbit by Alexey Leonov in March of 1965, on the same Vokshod ...

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