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Sols 2546-2547: Brrrr – Is It Frosty?

6 Oct 2019, 00:00 UTC
Sols 2546-2547: Brrrr – Is It Frosty?
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Communicating with Curiosity requires creating a plan and transmitting it through various networks, including the Deep Space Network. Sometimes, one of these networks is down, and our plan does not get to the rover. That happened with Wednesday’s plan, unfortunately. This morning, we had to respond to the loss of all the activities, deciding which to leave undone and which to replan. It turns out that it wasn’t too hard to merge the lost plan and our intended weekend plan – if we postponed emptying the sample out of Curiosity’s drill. I am the ‘Long Term Planner’ for this set of sols, and I helped evaluate the implications of postponing this activity on what we can do next week. The team decided it was worth waiting to empty the sample, so we focused on merging two plans into one.
The activities from the Sol 2545 plan that we replanned include: the SAM gas chromatograph column clean-up; the ChemCam RMI of ‘Stony Side 2;’ and ChemCam LIBS analyses of a wide white vein called “Bighouse” and a pebble called “Sliddery,’ with Mastcam documentation images.
The old environmental observations were not replanned because the team had some particularly interesting environmental observation opportunities ...

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