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September 2019

1 Sep 2019, 23:41 UTC
September 2019
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September 1st 2110 GMTIt was quite clear near the zenith and the Milky Way was clear. I did a photo-visual session, taking some constellation shots while binocular browsing.I could see two moons of Jupiter, which was very low down and Saturn’s rings but not the gap between the rings and planet. The Wild Duck Cluster (M11) looked great, as usual but I could not see M26. In the east, Melotte 20 looked great, as did the Perseus Double Cluster. I could also make out M34, after a bit of searching. I could see the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) quite clearly and even made out the Pinwheel (M33). I was not able to find M15 for some reason.Going overhead, I saw loads of background stars around Cygnus, catching Albireo in the process. I also saw Delta and Epsilon Lyrae, the globular clusters in Hercules, M13 and M92. I tried for M81 and M3 but without success. All-in-all in was not a bad session and it was nice to revisit some old friends.My first set of exposures was of the Plough at 16mm focal length, ISO 1600 and 30 seconds exposure. Unfortunately, I did not capture the whole asterism.I used the same settings ...

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