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Celestron’s PowerSeeker 70AZ Review

30 Aug 2019, 02:01 UTC
Celestron’s PowerSeeker 70AZ Review
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Celestron’s PowerSeeker 70AZ continues the grand PowerSeeker tradition of great expectations and huge letdowns. Generally, we recommend steering clear of sub-$100 telescopes, as well as sub-$200 tripod-mounted instruments, and scopes like the PowerSeekers are part of why. The 70AZ is actually one of the better PowerSeeker scopes but still falls short of delivering a really useful instrument out of the box.
Overview Of The Powerseeker 70
Optical Tube & Quality
The PowerSeeker 70’s optical tube is shared between the EQ and AZ versions, and thus identical. It’s a 70mm f/10 achromatic refractor. The images provided by this scope are surprisingly good when coupled with decent eyepieces, which it sadly does not come with. There is some chromatic aberration but nothing severe enough to hamper the quality of the image. The rack-and-pinion focuser on the scope is also acceptable in quality.
The inside of the scope’s dew shield is shiny which hampers image contrast – blackening it is relatively easily accomplished, however.
Most of the parts on the OTA are plastic, but plastic doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality on its own. Celestron has done a pretty good job on keeping the parts of the scope overall metal when they ...

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