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Zhumell Z8 Telescope Review – Why We Recommend It?

27 Aug 2019, 11:38 UTC
Zhumell Z8 Telescope Review – Why We Recommend It?
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The Zhumell Z8 is probably the most-recommended beginner telescope these days, be it on Reddit or various astronomy sites. The Z8 may not be the cheapest option for an 8” Dob out there, but it is certainly the best, particularly for beginners.
If the Z8 is not available in your region, the Orion Skyline, Apertura AD8, GSO 8” and Bintel 8” Dobsonian among others are all identical, so don’t worry! All my comments here apply to them too.
What makes the Z8 and its sister scopes so great, you might ask? Well, a lot of things…..
Overview of Zhumell Z8

The Z8 Optical Tube
The Z8 is fairly standard among all of the 8” Dobsonians out there (which is unsurprising, since there are only two different OEMs for them). The optics in the one I had are quite good, and it went head-to-head with a premium 8” and came out surprisingly well in that contest. The primary mirror in the Z8 is made of Pyrex for minimal cool-down time.
The Z8’s mirror cell is collimatable and uses springs, but there are also 3 “mirror lock” bolts on the back. Supposedly these are to compensate for any weakness in the springs, ...

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