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Best Astrophotography Cameras

24 Aug 2019, 13:15 UTC
Best Astrophotography Cameras
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Choosing a camera for astrophotography is a big decision that takes lots of thought and decisions made. What is your budget? What telescope would you be mating the camera to? These are some of the questions you will have to ask yourself before finding the perfect camera. This segment will help provide guidance for making a decision on which best astrophotography camera should you buy.

Top Cameras for Astrophotography

DSLRs vs Cooled OSCsFor beginner astrophotographers on a budget, we recommend DSLRs specifically from Canon and Nikon. However, the Canon models have some glaring issues that put Nikon ahead of Canon for astrophotography. The most important difference is that Nikon cameras typically use much more sensitive Sony sensors for their cameras. We would have recommended Sony DSLRs due to the incredibly low noise sensors as well, but they have a feature gone rogue dubbed “Star Eater” in their software. Star Eater is the result of a heavy-handed noise reduction algorithm in the software of the camera that can mistake faint stars as noise and completely remove them. Nikon’s cameras thankfully do not have ...

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