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Explore Scientific 10” Truss Dobsonian Review

23 Aug 2019, 16:43 UTC
Explore Scientific 10” Truss Dobsonian Review
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Explore Scientific is one of the newest telescopes and astronomy equipment manufacturers, and it is taking the US by storm with its high quality and relatively low-cost telescopes and eyepieces. Now Explore Scientific has introduced truss type telescopes into their lineup, to much joy from amateur astronomers worldwide, one of the first manufacturers to introduce these extremely lightweight and portable telescopes to the market.
The focus of today’s review is the 10-inch truss telescope from Explore Scientific. I will discuss the specifications of the scope, what it includes, what makes the truss design different, and how you use truss telescopes. Of course, I will discuss whether it is worth buying this scope, who it’s for and what you use it for.
What makes this scope different?
The main factor that makes this 10-inch Dobsonian different is that it is a truss telescope. In the past telescopes and for that matter almost all commercial Dobsonians were what’s known as a solid tube. A solid tube telescope is where the tube that holds the mirrors was completely solid, typically metal or in some cases wood. A truss-style telescope is almost completely different, as it is constructed with truss poles. This means that ...

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