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Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount Review

19 Aug 2019, 07:12 UTC
Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount Review
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The Celestron CGX is Celestron’s newest heavy payload computerized equatorial mount and is in a way the successor to the Celestron CGEM Mount, and boy is it much more successful compared to the CGEM! The CGX’s design is improved, based on the mistakes that Celestron made with its previous CGEM and AVX mounts.
The CGX is a much heavier payload mount than the CGEM, and is far more reliable and autonomous than the CGEM which is great for astrophotographers and visual observers alike. The CGX seems to be Celestrons’s competitor to the Skywatcher EQ6-r mount, however, it is quite different to the EQ6 type mounts that astronomers have come to know and love, but that may be a good thing as we are finally breaking free of the limitations of the EQ6 design.
The CGX is mostly intended for astrophotography as many of its new features I will discuss in the review are greatly beneficial, however, you are still definitely able to use the CGX for visual observing. Is the CGX Celestron’s first truly great astrophotography mount that has surpassed the level of quality found in earlier mounts? That’s what I will be discussing today.
Technical Specs of Celestron CGX

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