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ZWO ASI294 MC Pro Review

16 Aug 2019, 12:58 UTC
ZWO ASI294 MC Pro Review
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The ZWO ASI294 MC Pro is a color cooled sensor CMOS based camera from CMOS astronomy camera specialist, ZWO. The ASI294 is one of many CMOS cameras in ZWO’s lineup which has been of excellent quality and produces great images. The ZWO ASI294 is one of the newest cameras from ZWO, however, this model uses a color sensor instead of the more common monochrome amongst astrophotographers.
The ASI294 is a camera designed for beginning and intermediate astrophotography with its color sensor, easy to use interface and high sensitivity sensor which can let you produce great images at a relatively cheap cost, however, the camera may not appeal to more serious imagers that desire a monochrome camera, and unfortunately at the time of writing there is no monochrome model of this camera.
The ASI294 includes many of the features found in the older ASI1600 camera from ZWO, and even from the outside it may look identical, however, it houses a much different sensor which can make a huge difference in astrophotography.
The 294 is supposedly the best color deep-sky camera out there, beating the ASI1600MC but that is what I will be discussing in this review.
Technical Specs of ASI294
The ...

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