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Celestron RASA 8” Review

13 Aug 2019, 13:21 UTC
Celestron RASA 8” Review
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The Celestron RASA 8” F/2 astrograph is Celestron’s newest and most exotic telescope design yet. It is a modification of the most popular telescope by Celestron, the C8 SCT which allows you to take photographs at F/2 – an incredibly fast focal ratio creating photos that appear to be minute long exposures but are really on the order of seconds.
The RASA is a more refined version of the older Fastar and newer Hyperstar system which were lenses you could add onto the front of the telescope in place of the secondary mirror to make a well-corrected, fast telescope. The RASA works in the same way but is only usable at f/2, which is the main reason you would want this telescope. You can’t use it for visual because of the nature of this telescope but I’m sure anyone wanting to do visual would not buy this.
The RASA also includes many great new features but also some downsides as there are inherent flaws in the design, however that is the same with any telescope. In today’s review, I will discuss the Celestron RASA 8” F/2 telescope, which may just be the future of telescopes and astrophotography.
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