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Carnival of Space #624

9 Aug 2019, 17:20 UTC
Carnival of Space #624
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This sequence of thumbnails is from camera 1 on the LightSail 2 spacecraft. The first 13 images were taken 10 seconds apart, the final ones 30 seconds apart. Image Credit: The Planetary Society.
So. Much. Good. Stuff! Let’s get right to it then…
Bright Fireball Explodes Over Ontario, Meteorite Fragments Might Have Reached the Ground
Matt Williams | Universe Today
On Wednesday, July 24th, the people of the Great Lakes region were treated to a spectacular sight when a meteor streaked across the sky. The resulting fireball was observed by many onlookers, as well as the University of Western Ontario’s All-Sky Camera Network. This array runs across southern Ontario and Quebec and is maintained in collaboration with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) at the…
Snowball Exoplanets Might Be Better for Life Than We Thought
Evan Gough | Universe Today
When astronomers discover a new exoplanet, one of the first considerations is if the planet is in the habitable zone, or outside of it. That label largely depends on whether or not the temperature of the planet allows liquid water. But of course it’s not that simple. A new study suggests that frozen, icy worlds with completely frozen oceans could actually ...

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