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Insight Observatory

"On the Moon Again!"

19 Jul 2019, 14:31 UTC
"On the Moon Again!"
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On July 20th, 1969, 600 million people on all the continents followed the first step of a man on the Moon, together with their family or friends, around a radio, and sometimes a television set. Fifty years later, "On the Moon Again" was created to share this enthusiasm for the Moon again in a global, universal movement, transcending all borders. Insight Observatory and Blake Planetarium collaborated on the evening of July, 12th 2019, by participating in the global event "On the Moon Again".Scientists worldwide gathered behind "On the Moon Again" and invited Insight Observatory to participate in this unifying event. Their support committee promoted the values of sharing and cooperation. "On the Moon Again" was an initiative of French scientists who coordinated this event with the contribution of thousands of volunteers. Once Insight Observatory was invited to join this global event, we immediately approached the Blake Planetarium located in Plymouth, MA to see if there was an interest in putting on a joint event with Insight Observatory. The planetarium was very responsive, to say the least. Being that this event was a public outreach event, the planetarium was kind enough to offer four showings of the planetarium's program "Earth, Moon, ...

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