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A new look at our old Moon

17 Jul 2019, 10:30 UTC
A new look at our old Moon
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At a time when so many of us will be thinking about our nearest celestial neighbour, given the fact that we first set foot on it 50 years ago, The Moon: a History for our Future by Oliver Morton provides a timely, powerful and at times emotional account of the story of our natural satellite. It is clear that a tremendous amount of work and research has gone into Morton’s book, which comprehensively charts every aspect of the history of the Moon. You’ll find human observations; how the Moon formed; the Apollo missions, as well as future missions; mining; and even topics such as what role the Moon, or a similar substantial satellite, could play in the existence of intelligent life.
While space may contain many worlds that are more exciting than the Moon to explore, Morton’s words help you to see the Moon from a fresh perspective – to truly understand the impact it has had on many aspects of our history, and the value it could hold in our future. The book also includes a mix of short snappy chapters – covering topics such as the lunar surface, phases and orbit under headings such as “Reflections”, “Boundaries” and ...

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