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16 Jul 2019, 09:00 UTC
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Several years in the making, this book will show you 15 Simple Ways to play with great activities involving space exploration, science and astronomy.
15 Simple Ways to Personally and Directly Participate in Space Exploration RIGHT NOW!
I added 15 Additional and 15 Advanced ideas for you too! :)
In the next Itty Bitty Book, I’ll expand upon the Additional Ways and in the 3rd book, I’ll tell you more about the Advanced Ways to delve deeper into all of this.
I’ll need to connect with some experts on those activities because I have not done all of those things.
If you are an ‘Everyday Spacer’ expert and you see something in my ‘Advanced Ways’ list you can write on, in the same style, please contact me: Pam at Everyday Spacer dot com | 805-590-6356 to pitch me your offer.
Here they are…
Submit Your Picture to APOD
Build a Ham Radio Antenna
Who Was Messier?
Offer a Prize
Who Do You Serve?
AAVSO – American Association of Variable Star Observers
NASA’s Technology Transfer Centers
Volunteer at NASA
Mars Analog Living
Launch Alert!
Build a Telescope
Speak at Events
Earning From Your Own Events
Get Rich & Do What ...

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