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July 15-21, 2019 / Vol 38, No 28 / Hawai’i Island, USA

12 Jul 2019, 20:16 UTC
July 15-21, 2019 / Vol 38, No 28 / Hawai’i Island, USA
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Apollo11@50 Space Exploration Day
Observing Humanity’s Greatest Advance

The Apollo 11 era, program and 400,000+ people who helped achieve the first human Moon landing are honored this 50th year starting with July 16 launch date, July 20 Armstrong and Aldrin first footsteps on another world, and July 24 return to Earth splashdown. Andrew Aldrin and the Aldrin Family Foundation are hosting Apollo 50th Gala at Kennedy Space Center FL on July 15-17, followed by July 20 event to ‘transform NYC Times Square into Tranquility Base’ in support of People’s Moon project. Lunar and Planetary Institute is hosting Lunar ISRU 2019 Workshop in Columbia MD July 15-17 with LEAG and USRA associates Stephen Mackwell, Clive Neal, Ben Bussey, and Chris Pestak. Space Center Houston has events July 16-24 including Lunch with 16 Apollo Flight Controllers, tours of JSC, Lunch with Children of Apollo (Jeff and Barbara Lovell, Amy Bean, Tracy Cernan Woolie), Lessons from Mission Control with NASA flight director Gene Kranz, and Apollo Anniversary Celebration. Perhaps the best way to observe the accomplishment of Apollo 11 is for USA Administration to give true commit / real support to the Artemis program with 0.1% increase of NASA federal budget annually, totaling ...

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