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Yes, We *Really* Went to the Moon in 1969

12 Jul 2019, 16:35 UTC
Yes, We *Really* Went to the Moon in 1969
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*Edited/updated post from 2014.
Neil Armstrong leading the Apollo 11 crew to the Astrovan at Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969 (NASA/KSC)
When you share space news as much as I do (and use a laptop with a giant NASA sticker on the cover) you’re inevitably going to be asked the question did we really land on the Moon? And with this year marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, I thought I’d re-share a (now pretty exhaustively-amended) list of a few oft-mentioned “proofs” of some impossibly complex, grand-scale, global Moon landing hoax… and then describe why they’re all completely wrong.
Buckle in, folks, this is gonna be a fun ride.

1. The flag is waving.
This is one of the biggest claims waved around (yes, pun intended) by Moon-conspiracy fanatics. When the U.S. flag was placed by Armstrong and Aldrin and recorded by the TV camera they’d previously set up, it kinda sorta appears to be waving in a lunar breeze. But there’s no atmosphere on the Moon, how can there be any wind to blow a flag around? Fake news?

No, this isn’t evidence of location on a Disney sound stage in Burbank. The ...

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