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July 8-14, 2019 / Vol 38, No 27 / Hawai’i Island, USA

5 Jul 2019, 20:49 UTC
July 8-14, 2019 / Vol 38, No 27 / Hawai’i Island, USA
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India Rising: Chandrayaan-2 Moon Launch and India-Russia Astronaut Cooperation
India Space Research Organization is in final preparation for Chandrayaan-2 launch atop Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mark III on July 15 for planned Sep 6 landing in lunar South Pole region. Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, lander and rover carry 14 payloads including spectrometers, a solar X-ray monitor, a seismometer, and a NASA-provided laser retroreflector. Vikram lander and Pragyan rover are set to land between Manzinus C and Simpellius N craters at 70° S latitude. ISRO signs agreement with Russia Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of Roscosmos, for astronaut training and medical examination. The ISRO Human Space Flight Center in Bengaluru is the site of local astronaut training. Gaganyaan orbital mission ~2022 is planned with a three-person crew, and likely to include India first woman citizen in space, according to ISRO Chair K Sivan. Roscosmos hopes to send another India astronaut aboard a Soyuz to visit the International Space Station 2022. ISRO also continues cooperation with NASA, which has launched Indian-American woman Astronauts Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. Chandrayaan-1, nearly lost in lunar polar orbit, is located and tracked by Goldstone (California) and Green Bank, Virginia radio telescopes. The GSLV and smaller Polar Satellite ...

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