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Space: The final frontier for commerce and tourism?

8 Jun 2019, 23:04 UTC
Space: The final frontier for commerce and tourism?
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I'm sorry for the lengthy pause in posting - I've got a top secret project in the works, with an approaching deadline. More about it soon, but for now here's a round up of space related goodies:Pick o' the podcasts:Main Engine Cut Off: A window into the cut throat high stakes world of space as an industry and businessPlanetary Radio: Why did the U.S.A win the Moon race? Space Angels: An interview with NASA's former No 2, Lori Garver.From the video store:NASA announces plans to commercialise the International Space Station (readable version linked):It's an older video, but a very cool one....….as is this...Reading material:Jeff Foust on that tweet by Donald Trump...Firefly aerospace gets ready for it's maiden flightSpaceX's latest, under construction, rocket could fly dozens of people into space at once.NASA's Europa mission hits technical problems during constructionChina's Chang'e 4 mission continues to explore the Lunar surface......while the Chinese Space Agency readies a mission to the Moon's south pole.

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