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Exciting First PHT Exoplanet Candidates

18 May 2019, 12:28 UTC
Exciting First PHT Exoplanet Candidates
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We are pretty sure that PHT has found its first planets– they are not yet confirmed, but hopefully they will be very very soon! It all started when a very exciting planet was brought up and discussed on Talk by Dolorous Edd, mhuten, davidbundy77, zbish and Vidar.
This first, and currently my favourite candidate TIC 55525572 – which I will tentatively and completely unofficially refer to as PHT-1b in this post – is a long period planet that appears in multiple observational sectors. The fact that the dips don’t repeat in any one sector is likely to be the reason as to why the official TESS pipeline didn’t find it. The widely separated transits suggest that the planet candidate completes an orbit every 83.4 days, making this the longest period planet found in the TESS data so far (as far as we know)!
From Talk to Telescope
Phase folded lightcurve.
It was exactly three weeks ago today when I first saw the lightcurve of TIC 55525572, a lightcurve of a subgiant star which is potentially hosting a beautiful, distant world. Prepped with strong coffee, awesome data and many pages of code we spent the afternoon pulling together figures, parameters, models ...

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