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Crickets for climate change

17 May 2019, 07:42 UTC
Crickets for climate change
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I promised at one point to write a little about climate change. And when I try to live up to this, it is with polar glasses on, considering the loss of ice in Antarctica. Please keep in mind that what I discuss below is one part of the bigger picture; climate change does not “only” result in flooded basements and sold-out inflatables. It entails, among other things, natural disasters and changing ecosystems, and consequent poverty, homelessness, hunger and disease that will have major socio-economic consequences, especially in countries that are already vulnerable.
We here at Concordia participated in the international climate march in March, albeit a few days later. Naturally, climate change is at the heart of the projects being conducted by many of the research teams here. But it is not actually something we talk about very much. Looking around at the base, you may well marvel at the fact there are few measures taken to reduce Concordia’s imprint on the globe.
Antarctic climate march. Credit: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-N. Albertsen
Living in Antarctica it is actually quite difficult to relate to the fact that global temperatures are increasing, especially when the thermometer says –50 °C, the fuel freezes and one gets ...

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