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Across the universe

16 May 2019, 08:30 UTC
Across the universe
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When you think about the universe, the stuff within it and just the sheer vastness of its grandeur, it is easy to find yourself simultaneously fascinated and overwhelmed by it all. However, something I have found with popular-science books that take on this overarching subject is that they pack too much into a limited number of pages, potentially leaving a reader with a blown mind that absorbed nothing once they have turned the final page.
But as soon as I finished the first chapter of Paul Parsons’ The Beginning and the End of Everything: From the Big Bang to the End of the Universe I realized this would be a different type of read. This is not so much a book, but a guided tour from the beginning to the present and on to the sobering end of the universe as we currently understand it. Indeed, Parsons’ offering stands apart from other such books because it educates as well as entertains, with light touches of humour interwoven throughout.
Parsons begins with a detailed introduction to the universe, which in the 13.8 billion years since its birth has gone from something smaller than a subatomic particle, to the unimaginably vast entity ...

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