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Cosmic connections

22 Aug 2018, 08:50 UTC
Cosmic connections
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Pale blue dot: From the solar system to the universe. (Courtesy: NASA)
Jillian Scudder tells the story of our universe’s history in Astroquizzical: a Curious Journey Through Our Cosmic Family Tree. Starting with the human race, she explores our perception of space and how we have been trying to explore and understand it from our “parent”, Earth. Along the way we are taken through several thought experiments and get to enjoy some beautiful images from space. She moves on to our “cosmic companion”, the Moon, briefly exploring its creation and effect on the Earth. Included here is a thought experiment about putting a wormhole between the Earth and Moon – which doesn’t seem like a good idea.
The next step is Earth’s immediate family, or “siblings”, in the form of the other planets in our solar system. We learn how the planets were formed from the leftover dust and gas as our Sun was forming. Scudder then starts considering exoplanets, with a thought experiment about the possibility of life on other worlds, and the weird places we may find it. Next along this family tree, at the level of “grandparent”, are stars, starting with our Sun. There is an entire ...

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