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With stars in my eyes

21 Feb 2019, 09:30 UTC
With stars in my eyes
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One of my earliest childhood memories is of my father pointing out the stars in the constellation of Orion to me. This was quite some feat – growing up in the big, bright city that is Mumbai in India, visible stars were few and far between. But despite the city glow, I learnt to read the sky, or what I could see of it, and this early foray into astronomy set me on a path in science that I have followed all of my life.
So the idea of a star-gazing manual aimed especially at children is an excellent idea. But Seeing Stars: a Complete Guide to the 88 Constellations by Sara Gillingham is so much more than a typical stellar atlas. Instead, it is a beautiful, hardbound coffee-table book, aimed at children aged 7–10, but pleasing to the eye for all. The large-format book is coloured mostly in gold and blue, and is beautifully drawn and illustrated, in a very different style from most star atlases aimed at adults – these often go for accuracy over artistry, and are quite a challenge to entertain a child with.
However, Seeing Stars is not just a picture book. Gillingham, who is ...

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