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Sols 2402-2403: APX-cited to analyze "Kilmarie" drill fines!

10 May 2019, 05:00 UTC
Sols 2402-2403: APX-cited to analyze "Kilmarie" drill fines!
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Navcam left image of APXS analyzing Kilmarie prior to drilling. Note the Aberlady drill hole on the block to the left.
We got the go ahead at the start of planning to proceed with dumping the Kilmarie drill fines from the drill bit assembly. Both the SAM and CheMin instruments have completed or are nearing completion of analyses of the pulverized Kilmarie sample and it is now the turn of APXS and MAHLI to analyze the material. As a member of the APXS team and the strategic planner today for our instrument, I was excited to use APXS and to start analyzing the drill fines. We have been waiting patiently to use APXS and MAHLI, because any arm activity is precluded while sample is in the drill bit assembly. The chemical analysis of the dumped material by APXS and eventually ChemCam will be compared with that of the bedrock surface prior to drilling, as well as to the nearby ‘Aberlady’ drill fines, to look for variations in composition with depth and between the two drill holes. Specifically, the APXS-derived chemistry of the dumped material will be used by the CheMin team to refine their mineralogical analysis. The close-up imaging by ...

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