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FCC asks for more input on C-band

3 May 2019, 20:09 UTC
FCC asks for more input on C-band
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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is asking for more input on how to expand the use of C-band spectrum predominantly used by satellite operators.
The request, issued May 3, suggests it is increasingly unlikely that the agency will make a decision in the first half of the year as satellite operators had previously expected.
The FCC said the comments it has received since July 2018 when it voted to open the band for next-generation 5G wireless signals generated even more questions about how that spectrum would be repurposed.
Those questions “raise additional issues concerning the Commission’s authority to employ elements of those mechanisms,” the FCC said.
The FCC has not decided on using a “market-based” approach like the plan promulgated by the C-Band Alliance, a spectrum auction (favored by T-Mobile, Google and others), or a hybrid of the two. The agency has also yet to decide how much of the 500 megahertz of downlink spectrum to repurpose.
As the FCC decides how to progress on C-band, it now wants new comments on how enforceable satellite operator’s rights to interference protection are against terrestrial signals with “co-primary” access.
The FCC is also asking if ...

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