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Insight Observatory

5th-Graders Image Spring Deep-Sky Objects

24 Apr 2019, 22:01 UTC
5th-Graders Image Spring Deep-Sky Objects
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Insight Observatory, once again, had the pleasure this school year of working with Ms. Christine DeSantis and her 5th-grade students at the Plymouth South Elementary School located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The students used Insight Observatory's Educational Image Request (EIR) form to acquire deep-sky images from the 16" f/3.7 reflector remote robotic imaging telescope (ATEO-1) located in the dark skies of Pie Town, New Mexico.M3 - Globular Cluster in Canes Venatici - Image by 5th-Grade Students Lily B., Danielle S., and Hannah M.Ms. DeSantis states; "As part of our science unit on space, our class received the exciting opportunity to receive some images via a remote telescope in New Mexico. Students visited the Insight Observatory website to learn more about the telescope and its location. They were then paired up to choose some deep sky images to have photographed. It was particularly exciting for the students to find out that the spring sky is loaded with galaxies. Students chose from a list of open star clusters, spiral galaxies, globular clusters, and planetary nebula. They were thrilled when their images arrived. After seeing their images, students discussed the immensity of distances in space and the variation in galaxy shapes. This was such ...

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