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Everything You Want to Know About Light Pollution

17 Apr 2019, 10:55 UTC
Everything You Want to Know About Light Pollution
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Everyone who looks skyward eventually learns that light pollution is a growing problem for astronomers, be they professionals or amateurs. This growing problem diminishes what can be seen and the amount of detail that can be seen as we marvel at the wonders of the universe.
But don’t give up. This is one of those situations where a little knowledge and a little planning can help you deal with light pollution to help provide the best observing experience.
Two Types of Light Pollution
When we talk about light pollution we are talking about two forms, ground and sky. Ground light pollution comes from your immediate surroundings. Sky light pollution is caused by the projected glow of the cumulative light of the area. We often talk about the sky glow dome over a large city that comes from the collective glow of the highway lights, lights from buildings and lights from other sources.
We will discuss each kind of light pollution and how you can deal with it to plan and enhance our observing experience. We will also talk about the types of targets that are more impacted by light pollution and those that are less affected by light ...

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