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SLS flight software and avionics in “run for record” testing

8 Apr 2019, 19:35 UTC
SLS flight software and avionics in “run for record” testing
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NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Program is working through a formal test series for the software and computers that will fly the launch vehicle from the final countdown through Main Engine Cut Off (MECO). NASA developed the flight software that will run on computers in the Core Stage, working with other contractor-managed avionics boxes for different program elements.

Formal testing is being performed on the software and avionics elements separately and also integrated together in different development and testing facilities at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama.
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The flight vehicle is still being assembled elsewhere, so in addition to the flight software, emulation software was developed in parallel to test implemented functionality as it matures.
Release 14 of the SLS flight software is slated to be the first flight version and is currently going through the formal “run for record” testing where the software flies many simulated launches with emulators subjecting them to different scenarios of transient and hard equipment failures, varying environmental factors like temperature and wind field profiles, performance and guidance variations, and more.
Similar testing to verify the avionics meets its standalone ...

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