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Blue Giant Stars – Everything You Need To Know

3 Apr 2019, 11:24 UTC
Blue Giant Stars – Everything You Need To Know
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You might not know it to look at it, but our local star, the Sun, is really nothing special. In fact, it’s just a regular yellow dwarf star. It dominates our solar system and yet there are countless others that put ours to shame.Credit: KryptidOur own Milky Way galaxy contains billions of stars of many different sizes and colors. From cool red dwarves to hot blue supergiants, there are thought to be about 250 billion stars within our galaxy alone. On any given clear night, you might be able to see about 2,000 of them.What colors can you see? Which stars stand out? Which ones are hottest? Or the largest? Which ones live the longest? Today we’ll consider the blue supergiant stars of the cosmos – the kings whose reigns are short and lonely.1. Blue Giants Are Very HotEarth’s average temperature is about 58 degrees Fahrenheit (or nearly 15 degrees Celsius.) However, astronomers measure temperatures in Kelvin (K) and 58F is roughly 288K. In comparison, the surface of the Sun is nearly 10,000F (5,500C) or roughly 5,800K.That’s about 172 times hotter than the Earth, but still quite cool compared to blue supergiants. These stars are some of the hottest and ...

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