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Sol 2354-2358: Clay-bearing unit showing us its stripes?

24 Mar 2019, 00:00 UTC
Sol 2354-2358: Clay-bearing unit showing us its stripes?
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As Curiosity makes her way to the site where the science team would like to drill next, there is no shortage of observations to make of the many different lithologies of the clay-bearing unit. On Sol 2354, we were greeted with a pebble-dominated workspace, and had the opportunity for a quick contact science analysis with MAHLI and APXS before driving on. However, the rover wake up time was late enough in the morning that the temperature would have been a bit too warm for APXS to yield its best data. While it is ideal for MAHLI and APXS to work together, the team still thought it valuable to acquire MAHLI images of pebbles (the target ‘Gigha,’ a collection of red-and-gray rock fragments of various shapes ranging from ~1-4 cm in size) in the workspace to investigate their texture and grain size at the sub-millimeter scale. ChemCam also got in on the pebble act, targeting ‘Greenvoe.’ ChemCam also acquired a raster from a slightly larger target, ‘Greenock,’ a bedrock patch peeking through the pebbles. The ‘Vera Rubin Ridge,’ our exploration home for so many months, looms north above us on this part of our traverse, offering vertical faces of outcrop that ...

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