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Insight Observatory

Insight Observatory Reflections: IC 1805 - The Heart Nebula

16 Mar 2019, 11:34 UTC
Insight Observatory Reflections: IC 1805 - The Heart Nebula
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Insight Observatory is currently collaborating with Mr Michael Gyra and his "Astro Junkies" at Barnstable High School, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Mr Gyra has all five of his senior astronomy classes utilizing the Astronomical Telescopes for Educational Outreach (ATEO) online remote robotic telescopes to image deep-sky objects in the night sky. The students are using Insight Observatory's Educational Image Request (EIR) form to submit their image requests to its 16" f/7 reflector remote telescope located remotely an elevation of 7,778 ft in Pie Town, New Mexico.This program was made possible by a generous grant from the Barnstable Education Foundation. After the students received their deep-sky images, Mr Gyra tasked them with an assignment designated "Insight Observatory Reflections". The assignment includes students writing about their experience using Insight Observatory's ATEO-1, the result of their image, and some scientific facts about the deep-sky object. The "Astro Junkies" from his first class (Class D) were kind enough to share their papers with us. All of them were very inspiring and we would like to share a few of them with you in our blog starting with IC 1805, The "Heart Nebula"...IC 1805, The "Heart Nebula" in Cassiopeia - Imaged on ATEO-1 by Lauren S. and ...

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