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March 18-24, 2019 / Vol 38, No 11 / Hawai`i Island, USA

15 Mar 2019, 20:31 UTC
March 18-24, 2019 / Vol 38, No 11 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Solar System Complete: Ultimate Destinations Beyond Moon and Mars Highlighted by Upcoming Missions, Meetings

International agencies and commercial enterprises are focusing on getting to the Moon as the first stepping stone into the Solar System (SS) and Galaxy Beyond. This week, 50th LPSC in TX, the 57th AAS Robert Goddard Memorial Symposium in MD and 62nd National Space Club Dinner in DC will discuss USA returning humans to the Moon ‘fast’, as well as international programs for Luna, Mars, Venus, Asteroids and Jupiter. The Caltech Space Challenge March 24-29 will have two 16-student teams design a mission to search for evidence of life on Enceladus using small landers. GSFC hosts scientist Eric Christian speaking about “The Edge of the Solar System and Beyond” on March 20. New Horizons is heading toward its next potential KBO after flying by Ultima Thule on 1 Jan 2019 and reaching the ‘3rd Zone’ which extends between 30-50 AU. Juno is planning its 18th science flyby at Jupiter April 7. Of the 79 known Jupiter satellites, Galileo moons Io and Europa are some of the most geologically active in the SS, alongside Titan and Enceladus at Saturn and Triton at Neptune. Sustained human ...

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