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“Kids these days…”

13 Mar 2019, 17:59 UTC
“Kids these days…”
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Don’t you just love it when someone starts a conversation with this?
“Kids these days need to keep their heads outside! Watch for traffic. They’re too busy looking at screens and following the magenta line.”

You’ve heard some variation of this. Maybe you’re the one saying it.
Age is a poor qualifier for most things. Experience and age are NOT the same thing. I know plenty of 65-year-olds who have been running the rat race during the day and go home to watch TV which results in little life experience to lean on. Somehow they’ve actively avoided learning a damn thing.
When I hear “kids spend all of their time flying by looking at a screen” I can’t help but roll my eyes.
I learned to fly 4 years ago. I was right on that edge where flight training was done on paper charts with a plotter and an E6B. My instructor was very curious about Electronic Flight Bags and they were widely available, but I still had to do things by hand.
You know what? I think the “old way” is actually considerably less safe. The problem is that people with this old way attitude just haven’t spent any ...

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