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Best Dobsonian Telescopes (TOP 8 Reviews) Buying Guide 2019

12 Mar 2019, 00:09 UTC
Best Dobsonian Telescopes (TOP 8 Reviews) Buying Guide 2019
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Dobsonian telescopes are what I usually recommend to beginners, and if you ask most astronomy clubs, websites or observatories, they’ll probably respond in unison: “Get a Dob”. The famed San Francisco monk’s simple, pioneering design allows for a smooth-moving, easy-to-use telescope that puts as much money as possible into the optics and simply gives you the most bang for your buck. Heck, half of my personal telescopes are Dobsonians. The design just works.In this guide, I’m excluding the smaller, sub-$250 tabletop Dobs. While technically Dobsonians, these scopes lack the double-armed rocker boxes of a true Dob and don’t sit on the ground.Above $1000, Dobsonians tend to diversify a lot. You have to decide whether you want GoTo, digital setting circles, or an entirely manual instrument. Also, there are numerous other design features that often make it hard to really nail down a single “best” dobsonian telescope for one price bracket.So, here is our dobsonian recommendations straight away, in case you don’t want to read in detail.


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