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What's In The Sky - March 2019

9 Mar 2019, 15:09 UTC
What's In The Sky - March 2019
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Take your family on a journey to the stars from the comfort of your own backyard! Here are some of Orion Telescopes and Binoculars top picks for March stargazing:Orion Continues to ShineConstellation Orion is still well-placed in March skies for telescopic study. Check out bright nebula M42, also called the Orion Nebula, which is visible as the middle "star" of Orion's "sword" just south of the three recognizable stars of Orion's belt. While easily detected in astronomy binoculars, the wispy Orion Nebula will reveal more intricate details in a telescope. After March, our namesake constellation will get lower and lower in the west, making it harder to see as the Sun moves eastward in the sky.Brilliant Binocular ClustersGrab a pair of 50mm or larger astronomy binoculars in March for great views of the Pleiades star cluster (M45), the Beehive cluster (M44), and the must-see Double Cluster in Perseus. These sparkling sky gems are simply beautiful when observed with big binoculars, or use a wide-field eyepiece and short focal length telescope for a closer look.M81 and M82 Galaxies in Ursa Major Imaged on Insight Observatory's 16" f/3.7 Reflector (ATEO-1) - Image by Senior Astronomy Class Students Aidan K. and Trever B. ...

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