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How to Use a Planisphere: A Beginner’s Guide

4 Mar 2019, 21:43 UTC
How to Use a Planisphere: A Beginner’s Guide
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A planisphere is a star chart device that helps you learn the sky, identify the brighter stars, star patterns, deep sky objects and more. For many who are new to astronomy, this will be their first-star chart even though it probably won’t be the last. It is an inexpensive tool that you can use for a lifetime.The beauty of the planisphere is that it is simple to use once you get the hang of it. I keep mine in my car so I can grab a few observing minutes with just my eyes or the binoculars I keep in the car. I have often had it next to me as I sat at my telescope, picking out targets of interest.

The image shows the planisphere I use, Guide to the Stars, by Ken Graun. This is a typical planisphere, but there are many other brands. This is a 16” diameter version. I have seen planisphere in 12, 8 and down to about 5-inch units that can be ...

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