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Meade ETX 125 Observer Telescope Review

23 Feb 2019, 11:40 UTC
Meade ETX 125 Observer Telescope Review
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Meade’s ETX-125 Observer is the latest product in Meade’s ETX (Everybody’s Telescope) line of telescopes, being the largest of the three ETX models. However, has the Observer upgrade really benefited the ETX-125? Let’s find out through this review.

A Brief History of the ETX-125

Meade’s ETX line was born in 1996 with the original Meade ETX-90, retroactively dubbed the “RA” or Astro version. Designed to copy the highly-successful (and highly expensive) Questar and replace Meade’s old 4” Schmidt-Cassegrain which never sold well due to cost, the telescopes were a massive success and subsequently spawned a whole ETX line.The ETX-125EC was born around 1999, with the launch of the new ETX “EC” line – the original ETX was a simple clock-driven affair, while the EC scopes had simple push-button hand controllers. The EC scopes also included 60mm and 70mm refractors and a 105mm Maksutov.The EC line was short-lived and the ETX AT series superseded it in the early 2000s, with full GoTo hand controllers using Meade’s Autostar system. The ETX-80 was created sometime during this time period and eventually replaced the 60mm and ...

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