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Different Types of Telescopes

19 Feb 2019, 10:10 UTC
Different Types of Telescopes
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Have you ever wondered about how many different kinds of telescopes there are?The largest telescope on Earth is the Gran Telescopio Canarias which measures 34 feet across, is located on the Canary Islands of Spain, and was built in 2009. The Hubble Space Telescope orbits our planet while staring deep into the darkness of the universe. These are only two examples of how much our telescopes today vary, but there are many more.It’s time to find out just how many different types of telescopes there really are.In telescope terms, the part of the telescope that gathers the light is called the optical tube assembly, the OTA. This will have a lens in the front, a mirror in the back, or both. The device that holds the OTA and allows you to point and control it is called the mount. This may be in the form of a tripod or other arrangement. The OTA plus the mount would be called a telescope. In this discussion, I will focus on the optical tube assembly. There are three types that are most common in the astronomy hobby market. These are:Refractors – based on an objective lens to gather lightNewtonian reflectors – based on ...

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