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February 18-24, 2019 / Vol 38, No 7 / Hawai`i Island, USA

15 Feb 2019, 20:09 UTC
February 18-24, 2019 / Vol 38, No 7 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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SpaceIL, SpaceX and Space Business Roundtable Support Lunar Landers

SpaceIL Beresheet, first privately funded lunar lander to reach a launch pad, prepares at SpaceX Launch Processing Facility for launch on a Falcon 9 along with the Indonesia PSN 6 and Blue Canyon S5 satellite. Beresheet, a competitor for the former Google XPrize, would be the smallest spacecraft to land on Moon at 585 kg. Spaceflight Industries manages the payload. Upon Falcon 9 reaching GTO, Beresheet is planned to separate then slowly increase its apogee until captured by lunar gravity. Swiss RUAG Space contributes 3D-printed landing legs. Voyage to Mare Serenitatis landing site between sites of Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 is expected to take approximately 8 weeks. The lander is designed to transmit photos and video using a high-resolution camera system along with scientific measurements. NASA is providing a Laser Retroreflector Array and use of the Deep Space Network for communications. Israel Aerospace Industries is planning to offer future lunar payload delivery for ESA through prime contractor Germany OHB Systems. In Washington DC, Space Business Roundtable meets Feb 21 with subjects of the Moon and lunar landers. Panelists include Dan Hendrickson of Astrobotic, Sarah Noble of NASA, and Ben Roberts ...

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