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A Moment for Celebration and Clarity

7 Jun 2014, 16:00 UTC
A Moment for Celebration and Clarity
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Upon waking my first thought was of home. Right now at home I would be waking up to the insistent, but loving cold nose of my half husky puppy informing me that it is time for a long jog. I would grab my running shoes, my pup’s leash, and some dried fruit as I head out the door for a nice long sunrise run. Like normal I would watch the sun coming up over the tree tops of my favorite park, feel the cool breeze mixing with the heat of the first rays of sunlight, and know that sense of contentment and comfort that comes from familiarity knowing that a day filled with laughter, family, and friends lies ahead of me. Instead I am lying in my bed experiencing for the first time in this isolated study true feelings of loneliness; wishing I was waking up at home instead of this stressful and unfamiliar place.
This morning marks the first day of my 30th year on this planet and starts with a cold realization…..No, literally it’s cold. Overnight the HI-SEAS habitat drops into the 50s (F) and at 5:30 AM the thought of snuggling into my covers and ignoring ...

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