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Fourth orbit: a poem for Valentina Tereshkova

3 Feb 2019, 02:01 UTC
Fourth orbit: a poem for Valentina Tereshkova
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Fourth orbit19 hours 25 minutesI sang songs for himIn the centresuch a blue spot. Here nowthe Sunso orange, not red, not light red, but orange. I’m also feeling excellent. Here nowthe Sunvisible and lit upIn the outer ring the horizon is visible. It’s a very beautiful sightat first it’s light blue, then lighter, then dark…Image courtesy of wrexham.comhttp://www.wrexham.com/news/hurricane-ophelia-creates-red-sun-phenomenon-over-wrexham-138803.htmlThis is a poem made by selecting and rearranging words from a paragraph in the transcript of Valentina Tereshkova's words during her epic orbit of the Earth in 1963. It seemed to me that the poetry was already in there and only needed coaxing to bring out. I feel there's something a little Gertrude Stein-esque about it too.

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