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Explore Scientific 82 Degree Eyepieces Review

29 Jan 2019, 05:42 UTC
Explore Scientific 82 Degree Eyepieces Review
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This review will be about my firsthand experience with the Explore Scientific 8.8 mm and 6.7 mm 82-degree eyepieces. I will outline why I purchased them, the scopes they are used in and discuss the calculations used to determine the magnification and field of view they produce.
These are wide view eyepieces. They offer an 82-degree apparent field of view, which is where the name is derived.
While there are no standards as to what constitutes wide, the industry seems to consider anything wider than a Plossl’s 52 degrees AFOV as wide. Eyepieces with a 60 degree AFOV are considered wide. Eyepieces wider than 68 degrees seem to be considered super wide. And the term I have seen used for eyepieces wider than 80 degrees AFOV is ultra-wide. Note that there are eyepieces that go all the way to 120 degrees AFOV.
So these Explore Scientific 82 degree eyepieces would be considered ultra-wide eyepieces. Use whatever term you like, these are nice eyepieces.
Specifications as reported by Explore Scientific

Focal Length







8.9oz; 255g

Barrel Size


Eye Relief


Field Stop Diameter


Focal Length



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