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Blue Origin’s New Shepard Flies for 10th Time

23 Jan 2019, 18:54 UTC
Blue Origin’s New Shepard Flies for 10th Time
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Blue Origin’s New Shepard flew for the 10th time on Wednesday, blasting off from the company’s west Texas launch site with a capsule full of NASA-sponsored experiments.
The crew capsule reached an apogee of 355,755 ft (67.4 miles/108.4 km) and a velocity of 2226 mph (3,582 k/hr) in a flight that lasted 10 minutes 15 seconds. The capsule landed safely under parachute while its booster touched down on a nearby landing pad.
NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program sponsored eight payloads aboard the vehicle. The experiments included:
Carthage College Space Sciences Program: The Modal Propellant Gauging experiment led by Dr. Kevin Crosby is a joint effort with the NASA Kennedy Space Center Cryogenics Laboratory. It demonstrates a way to measure fuel levels in microgravity by using sound waves.
Controlled Dynamics Inc.: The Vibration Isolation Platform (VIP) aims to separate payloads from the normally occurring vibrations experienced during spaceflight. The payload led by Dr. Scott Green allows researchers to have a clear understanding of microgravity’s effects on their research results.
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab: On its second flight with Blue, the EM Field experiment will observe and collect data on the naturally occurring electromagnetic fields both inside and outside New Shepard ...

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