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The January Night Sky 2019

10 Jan 2019, 15:30 UTC
The January Night Sky 2019
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Article written by: Helen McLoughlin, Education Officer
Let’s face it, New Year’s Resolutions like ‘I’m going to the gym three times a week’ or ‘I’m going on a diet’ are all well and good but fizzle out after a week or two. Why not take up stargazing once a month and discover the wonders of the night sky? The good news is that January’s celestial delights are a great place to start for new stargazers!
We are starting this year off with a spectacular shooting star display! If you stayed up late on the 3rd of January you might have witnessed the magnificent Quadrantid meteor shower. This meteor shower is dust particles from the old comet 2003EH1, which are burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere. This shower of shooting stars is named after Quadrans Muralis, a now defunct star group that used to lie in the space between our present-day constellations of Boötes and Draco. There was no moonlight to interfere with this meteor shower so I hope many of you were out having a ‘meteor party’ and enjoying our first meteor shower of the year!
If you missed the meteor shower, don’t worry, there’s more exciting events to feast ...

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