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2019 Writing Blog

7 Jan 2019, 15:10 UTC
2019 Writing Blog
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This is a continuation from my 2018 writing blog: https://sungazer127mak.blogspot.com/2018/01/2018-writing-blog.htmlJanuary 1stI started the year with just two projects on the go and both were part of the Phil's Scribblings series of articles and booklets. I had started writing "Webcamming" but decided to include some step-by-step instructions, so I had shelved it for the time being, due to weather.Being the end of the year, I wanted to finish my retrospective but wanted to consider a new, catchy title. Unlike previous end-of-year reports, I decided to include an outline of how I achieved what I did, to make it more interesting for the readers.

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