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Events for January 2019

24 Dec 2018, 00:00 UTC
Events for January 2019
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The following table gives the date and time of important astronomical events for January 2019.

The time of each event is given in Greenwich Mean Time or GMT (a.k.a. Universal Time or UT). To convert GMT to Eastern Standard Time (EST) just subtract 5 hours. To convert GMT to other time zones, visit Time Zones.

Some of the astronomical terms used in the calendar are explained in Definitions.

Of special note this month is the Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 21.

Date GMT Astronomical Events for January 2019
------ ----- --------------------------------------------
Jan 01 21:50 Venus 1.3°S of Moon
Jan 02 05 Saturn in Conjunction with Sun
Jan 03 05 Earth at Perihelion: 0.98330 AU
Jan 03 07:37 Jupiter 3.1°S of Moon
Jan 04 02 Quadrantid Meteor Shower
Jan 06 01:28 NEW MOON
Jan 06 01:41 Partial Solar Eclipse; mag=0.715
Jan 06 05 Venus at Greatest Elongation: 47.0°W
Jan 07 00:08 Moon at Descending Node
Jan 09 04:29 Moon at Apogee: 406116 km
Jan 12 08 Mercury at Aphelion
Jan 12 19:47 Mars 5.3°N of Moon
Jan 17 18:20 Aldebaran 1.6°S of Moon
Jan 20 ...

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