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Most Apollo Astronauts Had Tattoos

15 Dec 2018, 17:26 UTC
Most Apollo Astronauts Had Tattoos
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My Gemini-Rogallo wing tattoo. Pretty sure none of the Apollo astronauts took this one to the Moon!
When we think of Apollo astronauts, we think of hot-shot pilots who dared to ride rockets to the Moon! But who, at their core, were straight-laced military men who followed the rules. So it might come as a surprise that most Apollo astronauts had tattoos.
This wasn’t something I expected to find. It’s also something that I came across pretty recently. Which in itself was a shock — I’ve spent the better part of my adult life digging into every aspect of the Apollo era. I even named my cat after Apollo 12’s commander Pete Conrad. Fittingly, it was a picture of Pete Conrad that started me down this path.
It’s in this picture. That’s Pete in the red shirt having just refilled his coffee cup. I’ve looked at this picture so many times. I’ve posted it. I’ve looked at the whole Apollo 12 catalogue and all the crew pictures. But I guess I was always distracted by the “fourth crew member,” the giant stuffed gorilla in the background, to notice the tattoo on Pete’s inner left forearm.
It’s not ...

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