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The Martian Chronicles

Sol 2245-2246: Hunting shiny things!

28 Nov 2018, 00:00 UTC
Sol 2245-2246: Hunting shiny things!
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Image taken by the ChemCam RMI on sol 2242 of target ‘Little Colonsay,’ a potential meteorite.
Curiosity woke up to Mr Rogers ‘Please would you be my neighbour’ this morning to welcome InSight, and then got very busy at the Highfield drill site. Every plan has its personality, and the upcoming one is that of a gymnast – at least as far as the arm is concerned: Curiosity will dump the Highfield sample, which requires several MAHLI looks and an APXS operation, but the plan also requires swinging the arm out of the way so other instruments can have their unobscured look at the dump pile.
Of course, the main activity is to look at the Highfield dump pile with all instruments available. APXS will get the chemistry, and Navcam, Mastcam and MAHLI will have a close look. In addition, a Mastcam multispectral and a ChemCam passive observation will add to the information collected from the dump pile.
Not only the arm, but also ChemCam is very busy these two sols, as in addition to the dump pile activities, it will look at four samples, two of which are re-targeted. One of the samples that we try to get a ...

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