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Road Trip Highlight: Mars Insight Lander

27 Nov 2018, 18:34 UTC
Road Trip Highlight: Mars Insight Lander
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Check out @NASAInSight’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NASAInSight/status/1067244283688669184?s=09On our annual trip to New Orleans for our anniversary, usually focused on fresh gulf oysters and other seafood, NOLA music scene and interesting/unique adult beverages, one of the highlights this year was geeking out on coverage of the successful landing of NASA'S Mars Insight Lander. As it was getting time for the lander's descent into Mars atmosphere, we were next door to a Starbucks so we grabbed a few lattes and settled in to watch streaming video live from NASA. It would have been way cool if we could have found a bar that would tune in the landing on one of their TVs but it was still pretty exciting watching on the small screen.Congrats, NASA!

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