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Cygnus Pre-launch: What’s On Board Antares NG-10?

14 Nov 2018, 15:30 UTC
Cygnus Pre-launch: What’s On Board Antares NG-10?
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Northrop Grumman’s debut Antares mission CRS NG-10 is targeting a launch to the International Space Station no earlier than 4:49am EST, November 15, 2018. Antares will deliver a fully loaded Cygnus cargo freighter on orbit roughly two days after launch. The cargo onboard Cygnus contains the following: 2606 lbs of crew supplies, 2253 lbs of science investigations, 64 lbs of spacewalk material 2183 lbs of vehicle hardware and 253 lbs of computer resources. Here’s a look at a few of the experiments being carried to the International Space Station.
Dr. Tara Rutley and Dr. Liz Waren presented on experiments being conducted on station, showcasing and highlighting the ISS National Lab.

Penn State discovered some crystals in the samples flown on OA-9 as part of the Microgravity Investigation of Cement Solidification, and have submitted new samples to study this aspect.
VECTION Study – aims to determine to what extent an astronaut’s ability to visually interpret motion, orientation and distance may be disrupted in a microgravity environment.
Experimental Chondrite Formation (EXCISS) – is intended to simulate the high-energy, low gravity of the early solar system using automated cameras. Hopefully this will answers some of the questions about how dust in space ...

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